The Eye of Shegani: A Hidden Natural Treasure

The Eye of Shegani is a captivating natural wonder, a large karst spring that emerges vertically from tectonic-karstic fractures, connecting with two other springs of the same kind. Nestled in the heart of this scenic landscape, the Eye of Shegani is accompanied by two serene ponds, all formed by the mysterious workings of underground water.

The Enchanting Legend of the Eye of Shegani

According to an ancient legend, many years ago, a weary traveler arrived late at night in this tranquil area with his boat, seeking shelter. He knocked on the doors of the houses that once stood where the three pits are today. These three pits, as the story goes, were the homes of three brothers. The first two brothers, hardened and unwelcoming, refused to open their doors. But the third brother, whose home is now the site of the Eye of Shegani, showed kindness and welcomed the traveler inside.

This third brother is believed to have been named Shegan, and the site took on his name. The shape of the Eye of Shegani and its vibrant water-filled pit are said to mark where Shegan’s house once stood. The legend adds a twist of fate: the traveler, angered by the other brothers’ lack of hospitality, cursed their homes, turning them into ponds. Over time, the Eye of Shegani formed as a result of natural erosion, a reminder of Shegan’s generosity and the traveler’s curse.

A Natural Monument and a Haven for Explorers

The Eye of Shegani is a protected natural monument of the third category, offering an enchanting destination for both adventurers and nature lovers. To reach this precious jewel, visitors can travel by road or embark on a scenic boat journey. The area’s breathtaking beauty is perfect for exploration by kayak or boat, providing a unique and unforgettable experience.

The crystal-clear spring water of the Eye of Shegani emerges from a karst chimney over 25 meters deep, creating an awe-inspiring oval pool. The water’s colors range from mesmerizing blues to deep, rich greens, painting a picture of natural splendor that captivates every visitor.

The surrounding landscape is a paradise for photographers, nature enthusiasts, and young explorers eager to immerse themselves in a tale as old as time. The legend of Shegan, the vibrant hues of the spring, and the serene beauty of the ponds together make the Eye of Shegani a magical destination, inviting all who visit to uncover its secrets and marvel at its wonders.

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