Idioms to express your love in English

1. Apple of My Eye – The one you love and cherish the most.

2. Bend Over Backwards – Doing whatever it takes for someone.

3. Go The Extra Mile – Going above and beyond what is required.

4. Great Minds Think Alike – Intelligent people think like each other.

5. Head Over Heels – Madly in love.

6. Icing On The Cake – When you already have something good and you get something even better.

7. Love at First Sight – From the moment you first saw one another, you fell in love.

8. Match Made in Heaven – A couple who gets along perfectly and is made for one another.

9. Mr. (or Mrs.) Right – Find the right or perfect person to marry.

10. The Best Of Both Worlds – A win-win situation where you can have both opportunities.

11. The Whole Nine Yards Everything. – All of it.

12. Those Three Little Words ‘I Love You’.

13. Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve – When you love, you really love. You openly express your emotions rather than hiding them.

14. Without A Doubt – 100% certain.

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