Vatra, the Pan-Albanian Federation of America

Vatra, is an association of Albanian Americans, founded in 1912. Since the day it was created, it has historically been protecting the rights of the Albanians in the United States, as well has been lobbying with the United States Congress about the rights of the Albanians throughout the world.

The first meeting to bring together all the Albanian American organizations into one federation took place on December 24, 1911, in Boston. This meeting was called with the initiative of the “Besa-Besën” association. In these meetings were present: Faik Konica, Fan Noli, Kristo Floqi, Marko Adams, and Paskal Aleksi. The meetings continued until 28 April 1912, when Vatra was officially founded.

he official records of the unity commission cites: “We call as formed the Pan Albanian Federation of America by the following associations: “Besa-Besë”, “Flamuri i Krujës-Kruja Flag”, “Shoqërisë Kombëtare-National Association”, “Mirëbërësja”, and “Skënderbeut”. “Dallandyshja” and “Malli i Mëmëdheut” were not present but conformed with the proceedings.

In this historic meeting, a temporary board was created and its members are: Secretary – Fan Noli, Treasurer – Llambi Chikozi, “Dielli” Manager – Kristo Kirka, Federation Branch Managers: Faik Konica and Kristo Floqi. “Dielli” Newspaper Supervisors: Paskal Aleksi, Elia Tromara and Kosta Vasili.

Vatra was recognized by the Massachusetts state and received its certificate on
June 13, 1912.
The original certificate shows these names: Faik Koniça, Lambi Chikozi, Fan S. Noli, Kristo Floqi, Elia Tromara, Naum Cere, and Kosta Kotta.
Prominent following members who would join later would be
Constantin Anastas Chekrezi and Pani brothers.

The materials are from Vatra, Kalendari i Vatres I Motit 1918, Printed on the print-house  Gazeta DIELLI 1918.

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