The Happiness Tea

The preparation method for this tea depends on what time of year you are making it. Below we will explain how to prepare it in the summer when the flowers are fresh or in the winter when the flowers are dried. You can also brew this tea with a blend of fresh and dried flowers, depending on what you have on hand in your pantry. We wrote this recipe with the ingredient amounts that we enjoy, but you can always add more of your favorite flowers when you make your pot of tea.


· ½ t chamomile flowers
· ½ t lemon balm
· 1 t lavender flowers
· 1 T hawthorn berries
· 1 T hibiscus flowers
· 1 T rose petals
· 1 T rosehips
· 1 T linden flowers


If you are using fresh flowers and berries, place them in a pitcher and fill the pitcher with cold water. Place the pitcher in a sunny window, and steep the tea in direct sunlight for several hours up to an entire day.

If you are using dried flowers, steep them in hot water for about 20 minutes. Strain, and enjoy hot or cold. Sweeten to taste with honey, agave, or sugar.

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