Pork and Beef charcuterie boards

Gjystina Miculi| Eating Albanian Cooking Series

Welcome back to another delightful episode of our Eating Albanian Cooking Series. Today, join small business owner, Gjystina Miculi as she crafts her mouth-watering Pork and Beef Charcuterie boards!
“ Meze is a versatile dish. It can be an appetizer to go with a drink while you prep dinner or serve as an entire meal, especially during the in-between hours of the afternoon or late nights in winter. The ingredients are a savory blend of salty and flavorful items, varying based on region, season, and individual household choices. When assembling a meze, there’s no right or wrong way to do it! Just a friendly note: if you’re considering adding pork to your meze, it’s courteous to check with your guests first. That’s because some may not eat pork for different reasons.
Meze is meant to be savored and shared—best enjoyed with friends and family, all united in cheerful spirits, engaging conversation, and hearty laughter.” ~ Eating Albanian🥂

The presentation can be as varied as the contents. Opt for one large platter and divide into several smaller plates. Utilize a rustic wood cutting board, or even design your own charcuterie and cheese board. After all, meze is like a piece of art, aiming to satisfy not just the stomach but the eyes and soul as well.

Let’s revel in these magnificent meze creations together!
Bukë e kripë e zemër!

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