This is a kind of burek arrived in Albanian territories from the orient. The dough for mantia is the same as for the other burek, or if you decide to use the ready phyllo, that would be ok also.
The difference is that this kind of burek is like a finger food because the pieces are like one bite or two bite siz.
In order to do that, around 10 small sheets of dough are put together to create a very large one which is then cut into 4 inches squares. You can put one teaspoon of any filling you have prepared in them, from meat, cheese, onions, spinach, etc. or even leave them hollow inside if you want to pour yogurt and garlic on top of them. The four corners are wrapped to create an envelope look alike and placed into rows in any shape you like in the pan. Continue like this till all the dough is finished.

If you decide to make the mantia with yogurt and garlic, then after the mantia is baked in the oven for about half an hour, you mix three – four cups of yogurt with 4 minced garlic cloves together and you pour the mixture over the mantia. Serve right away!

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