Kosova should remember its history as it gains recognition into the various international arenas

On this 10th Anniversary of Kosova’s independence, we have to celebrate and remember, as much was sacrificed by many to get to where Kosova is today. While there is much to do and many challenges ahead, its worth celebrating all those within Kosova, throughout the region and around the world who saw to it that the human calamity end in the region, with the last chapter in Kosova.

This does not mean to the victor go the spoils. We need to build a better example in the region of what is possible in this new world order, leveraging the youthful energy of this newborn country.

As Kosovars look forward, its also worth taking care not to accept further divisions from their Albanian ethnicity and heritage via provocations like mistreating the Albanian flag in Prishtina.

There is no conflict between the Kosovar and the Albanian flags. The Kosova flag is the flag of a country reflecting an important new chapter for that region apart from the horrific Serbian regime from which it broke, and the Albanian flag is our collective historic emblem of our identity.

Albanian flags should be at least as welcome in Prishtina, or throughout the region wherever Albanians live, as they are welcome in Switzerland, the United States or other countries around the world when Albanians celebrate their cultural heritage.

As Kosova gains recognition into the various international arenas, it should remember its history and embrace a future that cleanses corrupt dictators and oligarchs, establishes a climate for economic growth with the rule of law in order to attract and retain talent that will be key to its success as a country and as a part of a greater nation in the region. Furthermore, this is the road to being an equal player in Europe, NATO and beyond.

Celebrate today and rededicate yourselves tomorrow to being the best citizens, working to establish that more perfect nation that our forefathers dreamed of.

Urime Kosovë!

Richard Lukaj

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