Kaçamak is a healthy meal, usually made in the winter, and it’s very similar to Italian polenta. It can be made with only corn flour or it can be mixed with boiled potatoes as well.
You can use any fat you’d like: oil, ghee, or even animal fat. Animal fat is the boiled and melted fat that has been separated from the meat for pastrami. The fat is filtered, placed into molds, and solidified. This fat is used during the winter months for cooking. I remember my grandmother scraping fat from a block when cooking soups. In english it’s called lard.
Crumbled cheese can be added to kaçamak, as well. I like it with mozzarella and extra ghee. It’s definitely a food worth trying because it’s gluten free and a healthy carb. If stone ground corn flour is used, it will take a bit longer to cook, but American corn meal will take only a few minutes.


  • 1 cup corn flour or corn meal
  • 4 cups water
  • A pinch of salt
  • ¼ cup butter or olive oil


1.Bring the water, oil, and salt to a boil in a deep saucepan. When it is boiling, slowly pour in the corn meal.

2. Whisk it slowly with a wooden spoon or a silicone whisk (so you don’t scratch the pan), stirring constantly until it becomes a creamy mixture without any lumps.

3. Add the butter and continue mixing for a few more seconds.

4. You can add mozzarella cheese, parmigiana, crumbled feta, extra butter, or a bit of milk if you would like.

5. Kaçamak can be eaten right away as is, or it can be used as a bed for roasted veggies, meat, etc.

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