Honoring the Heroism of Mr. Kadri Cakrani at DePaul University Event!

This event was endorsed and shared by the Albanian Ambassador to the USA, Ervin Bushati.

He expressed a heartfelt thank you to DePaul University in Chicago for hosting the extraordinary event, “The Cakrani Family of Albania: Repairing the Fabric of History.” We extend our gratitude for the recognition and celebration of the previously hidden acts of heroism by Mr. Kadri Cakrani during World War II in #Berat.

The ceremony garnered commendations from 12 American Government officials, shedding light on the remarkable contributions of Mr. Cakrani. His bravery and sacrifices have played a crucial role in shaping history.

🎥 Watch the event recording: DePaul University YouTube Channel

For more details and to explore the inspiring legacy of Mr. Kadri Cakrani, visit the website: www.KadriCakrani.org

Let’s join hands in honoring the legacy of a true hero!

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