September 11, a day of remembrance!

Patriots Day – September 11, 2023

As the sun began to rise today in the New York City’s cloudy sky of this September morning of 9/11/23, at first look it seemed that the city that never sleeps was bustling with its usual life and energy.

But behind all that facade, the city and New Yorkers still mourn that day when the deafening sound of the planes hitting the towers and the shock that followed it, changed how we saw NYC forever from the enormous loss that occurred.

It took us some time to decide which reel to post today because most of the reels posted in social media carry the gore, raw, live pictures of September 11. 2001, and even though One World Trade Center grew like a phenix from the ashes, still the heaviness sits tight on the chest imagining the pain and the horror that everyone experienced that day!

And it looks like this feeling will never go away no matter how much time passes, like a tribute to the past and a place of hope for the future.

It seems that it will always be there as a reminder not only how precious life and freedom are, but also, to show how strong and resilient New Yorkers are!

It will be there to manifest how USA will always be a shining beacon of light in the world and that freedom and love will always prevail!

We will never forget!

In this day we remember our own fallen that day: Roko Camaj, Mon Gjonbalaj dhe Simon Dedvukaj.

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