Celebrating Nikollë Loka: A Pillar of Albanian Poetry and Scholarship

The Resonant Voice of Albania. A Tribute to the Poet, Scholar, and Esteemed Former Editor of Votra Magazine.

In the vibrant mosaic of Albanian literature and academic inquiry, Nikollë Loka stands out as a pillar of profound impact and creative vigor.

Born on March 25, 1960, in Mirdita, Loka’s foray into poetry and journalism commenced early, heralding a career that would garner both national and international acclaim.

Loka first caught the literary world’s attention in 1988 when he clinched the second prize in a competition held by “Zëri i Rinisë” newspaper.
His literary corpus encompasses five lauded poetry collections: “People who grow old in the crossroads” (1998), “Violated time” (1999), “Far from the Homeland” (2001), “A Rainbow Arch” (2013), and “Next Time” (2015).

His participation in myriad poetic anthologies within and beyond Albanian borders reflects his profound connection to his heritage and a nuanced understanding of human experiences.His accolades are many, including several national literary awards and the second prize at the “Premio letterario-Terre Lontane, III edizione” in Italy, 2016.

Beyond his literary creations, Loka has contributed significantly as a jury member in numerous literary competitions, nurturing the literary landscape he deeply cherishes.
Presently, Nikollë Loka serves as the Executive Director of the “Gjon Gazulli” Institute of Albanian Studies in Tirana, where he continues to make strides in scholarly research.
His academic work spans authoring and co-authoring various scientific monographs and engaging actively in national and international scientific conferences. His focus predominantly lies in the exploration of educational history in Albania, with his findings published in esteemed scientific journals across Albanian territories and internationally.

Loka’s poetry, translated into an array of languages, has captivated audiences in Europe and the USA, further solidifying his international stature.
Loka’s profound engagement with scientific conferences underscores his commitment to historical and educational discourse. His presentations offer insights into a broad spectrum of subjects, from medieval education in Arbëri to the evolution of education during significant historical periods in Kosovo and the broader Albanian regions.

His monographs, including titles like “Fani del nga muzgjet” (1996) and “Dinastitë iliro-shqiptare me famë botërore” (2004), tackle historical, popularizing, and encyclopedic themes, enriching the fabric of Albanian historical studies.

For Votra Magazine, it is an exceptional honor to feature Nikollë Loka, not only for his esteemed contributions to Albanian literature and scholarship but also because of his past role as an editor in our Printed Edition. His insights and editorial prowess have left an indelible mark on our publication, and we are privileged to celebrate his achievements and ongoing influence in the realm of Albanian culture and beyond. Loka’s life’s work stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of Albanian intellectual and cultural legacy, bridging past and present, local and global narratives in the rich tapestry of Albanian history and literature.


Whispers of the Vanishing Light

Should you materialize
like an awaited dawn,
I’ll evolve into the present,
shadowing you in silence.

Your distant form I glimpse,
yearning amidst the rays,
until twilight, less fortunate
Envelops the darkening day.

In this dimming hour,
you are an elusive reflection,
fading into the dark night’s
deepening shade.

Still, I find myself missing you
in this unfamiliar light,
a reminder from another sun,
distant yet poignant.


Inherent Bond: A Father’s Reflection

As you grew,
I was torn
between belief and doubt,
wondering if the divine
took form in you,
my beautiful child.

To my eyes,
you seemed like a horizon
drawing near.
They said, “God is love,”
a notion I cradled
without question.

I believed in you,
a father’s inherent bond.

I trusted in the thresholds we crossed,
in the earth beneath our feet,
in the smoke that filled my lungs,
expanding my heart tenfold,
in the spirit that wove a connection
between us never to be broken,
in the sacred bond of father and child,
in the warmth of our hearth
and the remains of fires past.

With time,
the sky expands,
stretching far beyond our reach,
and like the sky,
you too must venture forth.
Yet, you remain ever-present,
a steadfast presence in times of need.

———– *** ————

Essence and Echoes: The Cycle of Life

We arrive in this world bare,
like a word brimming with meanings,
our essence veiled in innocence,
we clothe ourselves in purity.

At first, life beckons as a gift to cherish,
then unfolds as a greeting,
a journey navigated through tears.
In its third guise,
life becomes a tapestry
of fleeting moments,
tempting us to linger
Just a little longer,
into distant escapes.

In our grand departures,
while leaving all behind,
we clutch a fragment
of the heavens,
and bear the earth’s dust
upon us.

As returns
grow rarer with each passing day,
we lay down our memories
in their stead.

Poems Translated by Aferdita Delaj

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