Be Santa to a child for Christmas!

Embark on the joyous journey of giving this holiday season!

For several consecutive years, we’ve endeavored to sprinkle a bit of magic into the lives of the children at the Shkoder orphanage. Our mission extends beyond Christmas—reaching into Eid celebrations and birthdays—aiming to affirm that their wishes truly matter.

Children, especially those growing up without parents, need attention and care, particularly during the holidays. It’s a time when the warmth of love and hope becomes a beacon for a brighter future. Our goal is to help them view themselves not as burdens but as valuable contributors to society, overcoming the traumas of betrayal and rejection that many of them carry.

These youngsters, whether abandoned or orphaned due to loss, deserve to be reminded that they are cherished. We want to gift them not just material items but the intangible present of hope, fostering a belief in miracles and the promise of something good.

The foundation is set with a beautifully adorned tree, and now, we are on a quest to fulfill their modest wishes: new coats, shoes, sports clothes, cars, and soccer balls—simple joys that can make a world of difference.

Meet the 18 children awaiting your generosity:

  1. Asllani, 10, aspiring teacher
  2. Adelina, 14, aspiring chef
  3. Sulejmani, 14, aspiring hydraulic
  4. Sonila, 7, aspiring teacher
  5. Ermes, 11, aspiring carpenter
  6. Shqiponja, 16, aspiring hairstylist
  7. Edisoni, 13, aspiring footballer
  8. Joklisa, 14, aspiring teacher
  9. Antonela, 15, aspiring dancer
  10. Xhenaro, 14, aspiring basketball player
  11. Muhamet, 13, aspiring dancer
  12. Megi, 11, aspiring hairstylist
  13. Esmeralda, 13, aspiring footballer
  14. Fabiola, 12, aspiring chef
  15. Ergi, 9, aspiring footballer
  16. Zamiri, 9, aspiring footballer
  17. Fatmira, 9, aspiring tailor
  18. Gabrieli, 7, aspiring footballer

Choose to be the Santa who directly connects with a child, turning this act of kindness into a personal, heartwarming experience. No secrets, just pure, tangible magic—smiles that touch the heart, and twinkles that illuminate hopeful eyes. Let’s come together and create lasting memories for these deserving children! 🎁🌟

For more information please contact via email or as below:

By phone, SMS, or WhatsApp:
  • Senida +355 69 439 9527
  • Aferdita +1 (917) 916-5421
  • Resmie +1 (347) 340-8092

Rr. Naim Gjylbegu, Shtepia e femijes, Shkoder, Shqiperi

~Votra Team

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